Thursday, January 22, 2009

Other Sites

Now,I have Myspace but what other site do you recomend that are free where you have a Profile&you can make friends and othere things?Not including face book,bebo,friendster,twitter or blogger?

Oh and hey to any followers,I will reply if

you want to chat!

xx Bella

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fabulous Twilight Pictures,Comment Your Favourite!

I am a Twilight Addict.So i can always Look at them here,Thanks and Photobucket.

Well thats Just a Few there will be many more in Future Blogs!
But here are my Favourite Books ever,Stephanie Myers well done

xx Bella

Monday, January 19, 2009

Golden Globes Dresses

Here is some Golden Globes 2009 fashion that i love.

There all Different but what is your Favourite?
Here is My two Favourite..

Kristen Bell went for somthing Different
Miley Choice matched her Style
Blake's Dress is To Cute

Taylor Momsen,For 15 She has Great Style.

Olivia Wilde has Toped my Favourite Dressed List.

I love the Purple!

I love Fashion and Award Shows..

Camron Diaz Needs to do Somthing about her Hair but her Dress is Cute
Most Magazines Dont Like Drew Choice but i love it
Amanda Chose Perfectly

XX Bella

Vanessa Hudgens to Star in New Moon.

Please,Please Don't let this happen.I love Twilight to Much for HER to come along and Ruin it!

Okay,So I'm Not a Vanessa Fan&I hope that she doesn't get the part..This is what had to say..

Widely circulated reports that Vanessa Hudgens has auditioned for the Twilight sequel, New Moon, are, it turns out, completely false. Sources inside Summit Entertainment and Hudgens' camp tell EW that the filmmakers aren't looking at the star (best known as High School Musical's Gabriella Montez) for any role in the soon-to-be-shooting Twilight followup.
Last week, Taylor Lautner was rehired to reprise his role as Jacob Black -- a decision that had been on hold until series author Stephenie Meyer offered her endorsement. Now, New Moon director Chris Weitz is set to get down to the business of compiling the rest of the cast, a process that is expected to take the next couple of months. Certainly, an East High School alum could make the cut, but it's too soon for any tweeners out there to start getting giddy about the

I want Your Thoughs,My opinion is No!

So the Lion Fell in Love With The Lamb

Okay,My First Blog.What to Write to make a Good Impression.Not that im Trying to Please any one just that i wont want to be ignored.

Hello is a Good Start.Im Bella,Yes the Same name as Bella From Twilight.Im Not her But i do Love Twilight..
Ahh yes Edward and Bella.My Romeo and Juliet,Any Girl can Tell you that it is a True Addiction.
If you have Read the Book or Seen the Movie you Will know what i mean!
I love Celebrity Gossip so i may post some Gossip Later,I can be Like Gossip Girl But Not so Private..
Anyway i Hope that you keep Coming back so you can see me get the Hang of Things..xx Bella